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Should I Move To New York or L.A.? | Dance Advantage

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It’s not just a hobby for some students–it’s work study for a career. My daughters have studied classical ballet, jazz, and tap since they were in their single digits. I’ve never given any thought to the geographical location for future study, if dance becomes something they chose for a career. I enjoyed reading this article and learning another facet for a serious dance student to consider.

Should I Move To New York or L.A.? | Dance Advantage.


Summer Academy Showcase


Katelyn will be performing at Houston Ballet Academy Summer Showcase on Thursday, July 28 at 2:00 pm and on *Friday, July 29 at 4:00 pm in the Dance Lab at Houston Ballet Center for Dance, 601 Preston Street Houston, TX 77002 . Tickets are $10 adults, $5 children under 12. Call (713) 522-5538. *ballet and character performance recommended

I spent the day…

WordPress 2.5 Czech administration

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Working on WordPress.com. I know it sounds really boring, but what can I say–I’m boring. I like the program, but it isn’t easy to understand. Not because I’m afraid to try something, but because it’s slow sometimes to load my changes and that confuses me.

I worked half the afternoon yesterday trying to understand Pages and Showcase Sidebar just to wake up this morning to find I did accomplish what I was attempting over and over again yesterday. Someone could have told me to be patient, and it would eventually adjust to what I was trying to achieve. Anyway, it’s coming along, and I’ve had fun learning to work the settings. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll decide which blog I like best: Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress. I know, I have issues–I’ve been told that before.

These are Mine

Sometimes Boo and I take a break from school late in the afternoon. She likes to play around with photography. I suppose most kids are like that. We grab the camera and head to the backyard where we look for something to photograph. Boo usually nails a few good shots–much better than me. I just enjoy the time we spend together. Watching her choose a subject and the perfect camera angle can be very entertaining. I don’t have her creative eye. The ability to transfer an idea from my brain through the lens to capture that great shot isn’t there for me. But for some reason, seeing her do it makes me think just maybe I can do it, too.  Bet you can tell right off these are my shots. Dey shur is purdy.

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My New Adventure


When you’re my age and I’m not saying what that is, learning a new skill especially one like technology can be really challenging. I’m not afraid to try, but I am easily discouraged. Knowing upfront this will be a slow process and learning to pace myself will make my road of discovery much more enjoyable. So wish me luck and check back from time to time.