Changed jobs when I became a mom, decided to home educate my youngest two children, two in college now and one at home. Love to watch baseball, ballet, and read. Know how to cook, sew, knit, and crochet. Want to be a good witness, travel, and hire a housekeeper.


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Should I Move To New York or L.A.? | Dance Advantage

The eastern part of Midtown Manhattan as seen ...

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It’s not just a hobby for some students–it’s work study for a career. My daughters have studied classical ballet, jazz, and tap since they were in their single digits. I’ve never given any thought to the geographical location for future study, if dance becomes something they chose for a career. I enjoyed reading this article and learning another facet for a serious dance student to consider.

Should I Move To New York or L.A.? | Dance Advantage.

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